Tuesday, February 22, 2011

type tuesday: ribbon font

To download this Ribbon Font, visit the new Rough Gems. location. Click Here.

Greetings on this wintery Tuesday afternoon. Here's my latest Type Tuesday font! I've seen ribbon fonts done before...so nothing really that original. But I've always wanted to try it myself. I didn't have quite enough time today to make the whole alphabet, but maybe some other day.

And for something musically tasty...here's a lovely video of a lovely band, Beach House.


  1. beautiful.

    you and your fonts make me want to play with type!

    Thank you for being wicked.


  2. thank you my deary. i want to see a type tuesday on olive green anna!!

  3. Do you have the font for download? I'm looking for a ribbon font and found your blog in search. So cute and love it!

  4. Hi Je, I don't have it for download yet. But I will post as soon as I put it all together! Thanks for being interested.