Friday, October 14, 2011

First Draw: My Brightest Diamond

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I was very excited to listen to this new album by My Brightest Diamond. I've been listening to Shara Worden for a long time and I always eagerly anticipate her new releases. I've seen her perform a couple of times and even got to open for her once! One of my musical career highlights. She is a true, purely talented and creative human. A powerful voice and a unique performer. The last time I saw her play, her set had some pretty theatrical moments with props and costumes, I was happy to see some of that vibe incorporated more into this album. It seemed slightly more theatrical than some of her previous work.

It was a very fun album to draw to! I could make a single piece of art for each song I feel like. Lots of lovely imagery and beautiful stories woven in throughout. I absolutely love it! Her voice soars and is lovelier than ever.

All of the ink drawing was done during the 42 minutes listening to the album for the first time. I cheated a little and did my watercolors after it was over. :)

Listen to the album over at NPR's First Listen here.

*First Draw is something I started as a way to exercise the collaboration between art and music. Each First Draw piece is done without any preconceived plans or sketches, just turn on the music and GO! Check out the rest of the First Draw posts here.